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Center for innovative grouting materials and technology

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Houston

THC 2020 Conference 
Hurricanes, Major Disasters, Coastal Protection and Rapid Recovery in Texas and Gulf Coast Region

August 7, 2020
University Hilton  |  Houston, Texas

Progress through advanced research and education with the Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology (CIGMAT) at the University of Houston (CIGMAT).

The UCTA Gulf Coast Chapter provides financial support to CIGMAT in support of its trenchless technology related education and research activities. In addition to its publications, CIGMAT regularly offers local seminars and educational programs that are available at reduced cost to UCTA members.

CIGMAT's goals are to foster improved understanding of grouting materials and their applications. Also of interest are other competing and complementing materials and technologies to grouting used in construction and rehabilitation of civil infrastructure. It is an integrated inter-disciplinary framework, drawing expertise in engineering, science and technology at the University of Houston.

Several research studies are underway sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), EPA, National Sanitation Foundation-International (NSF-I), State of Texas, Texas Department of Transportation, City of Houston, Gulf Coast Trenchless Association (UCTA), Avanti International and Insituform Technologies Inc. Testing protocols for coatings/linings used in wastewater systems and grouting for leak control (pipe joints, manhole, laterals and cracked concrete) are being developed for the Environmental Technology Program (ETV) of the U.S. EPA.

Another study sponsored by the EPA focused on developing a testing protocol and program to quantify the leak rate at pipe joints and a life cycle cost model for infiltration has been developed (LCCWW/CIGMAT-UH). Some of the other research projects are behavior of polyurethane and cellular grouts, self consolidating concrete (SCC), flowable fills, polymer concrete, new sandwich pipe, cured in place pipe (CIPP) and construction in contaminated sites.

The annual CIGMAT conference on "Construction, Rehabilitation and Security Issues Related to Houston and Other Major Cities" is held in March at the University of Houston.

Contact information:

Professor C.Vipulanandan (Vipu), Ph.D., P.E.
“Smart Cement” Inventor
“Vipulanandan Rheological Model”
Chief Editor - Advances in Engineering
Professor and DirectorDirector of Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology (CIGMAT)
Director of Texas Hurricane Center for Innovative Technology (THC-IT)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Houston

Phone: (713) 743-4278

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